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Contractor Blogs: Lead Generation Tool or Waste of Time?

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Contractor blogs: Selling without selling or useless?

The single most important aspect when it comes to the success of any business is being able to sell your skills. Can you do what you are actually saying you can do on your website and in your marketing. Why should people trust your expertise? What makes you different from the rest of the contractors out there offering the same exact thing? The most successful home improvement companies use all the tools and resources available to draw in more customers and gain more success.

Enter the construction blog 

A prime example of one of these tools that can be used for your contractor business is a blog. Did you know that over 46% of people with access to the internet read at least one blog per day? With the blogging world becoming more popular nearly every month that passes, why not join in on this craze and drive in some more traffic to your website?

Creating and keeping up with a blog can seem daunting and probably entails a lot more work and time than you would initially expect. The most successful contractor blogs require a good amount of effort and of course some great writing skills that will allow people to want to continue visiting your blog and hear what you have to say.

Some people feel overwhelmed by this and think blogging is just not for them, but ta-da…that is where companies like us come in and lend a helping hand! However you choose to start and manage a blog is up to you just so long as you take that first step by simply going for it! Contractor blogs are essential to say the least. If you are still not convinced, here are the two main benefits that come along with contractor blogs…

More Traffic

Mentioned above already is that they have the possibility to get you more traffic to your website; but how? By creating SEO content and using headlines that will draw more potential customers in. If you have a website then you are certainly familiar with just how important SEO content is when it comes to generating the highest numbers in traffic.

As far as blog headlines go, studies show that while most people read the headline, only about 20% actually read the post. Case and point, make sure to have headlines and sub-heads that make people want to read the post and find out everything you have to say about the topic. simply put, contractor blogs result in more traffic, simple as that.

Better “Stickyness” Potential

You may be wondering what “stickyness” means when it comes to your website and it’s actually almost exactly what it sounds like; website “stickyness” is getting people to not only visit your website but stick around and read your content. For example, your contracting or home improvement website can list loads of your past projects, what customers have to say about your work and even all of the services you have to offer but that will only keep customers on your website for so long.

With a blog, you have automatically created something that will entice potential customers to stick around longer and read content that is promoting your work and skills in a much more attractive way. Hence, the final and possibly most important benefit you may reap from a contractor blog.

So, even with all of these facts, information and main benefits of contractor blogs the question still remains…are they a lead generation tool or waste of time? Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and ask yourself if a well written post describing exactly what they need and how you would do it in a non-salesy way  would help you in deciding whether or not to start using their services.

Any website can make up a couple sentences on their homepage stating that they know how to build amazing outdoor decks, create a better workplace for your small business or even contract a small outdoor playground for your kids. But the companies that really want to prove they know how to do all that and more will create blogs showcasing their skills. Words are much more powerful than you think. With that in mind, we think it’s safe to say that contractor blogs are absolutely a lead generation tool.

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