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Contractor Marketing Discussion on UStream?

So, I have an idea that I want to run past you guys. While I enjoy doing these posts for you on a daily basis, I have been thinking about doing a live one hour show on UStream each week where we can all get together and share ideas and suggestions.

My question is, is this something you would be interested in? If you aren’t sure what UStream is, I will give you a quick idea of the concept. I have a channel on UStream where I would broadcast live and answer your questions in the chat room. I just want to know what night would work best and what time.

I am thinking:

  • Monday nights at 8pm
  • Wednesday nights at 9pm
  • Sunday nights at 8pm

I don’t need to have hundreds of people, I am happy to do it with just one, just let me know in the comments below which day works better.