Friday 24th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Google Do Your Bidding!

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  2. Great advice Darren.

    I actually pay to have a professional manage my Adwords campaign. Even though in some months the management fee is higher than my actual budget for the ads, in the end I know I save money because I am not throwing money into the wind. I can’t be good at everything and this is definitely an area where not knowing your stuff can be very costly.

    1. Hey Heidi,

      You hit the nail on the head. Trying to hire a PPC Pro internally would be 100k, so a management fee to help bring in new business isn’t bad.

  3. Good advice and another example of how easily a profitable company can get an evil streak and slip in a sharp earner like that!

    I havent delved into adwords, Im sure it works for many, but for me getting ranked organically is a safer way of being seen. Content is forever, Google may not be. Also when I know that competitors systematically click on each others adword ads…

    1. Hey Andy,

      There is a flip side to that coin, and I have seen it happen plenty. I have seen companies rely too much on organic, Google makes an algo change and poof…no more company. Point is, marketing your business both online and off is still a sound bet in today’s market. Cheers mate, have a pint for me later!

  4. You are so right….just blew about $40 in two days letting Google do my bidding and no better results than when I controlled the bids with much better results.
    Thankfully I had account limits set.

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