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Contractor Marketing With PPC


Pay-Per-Click Campaign Tips for Contractors

If you are going to be advertising on Google Adwords and sending traffic back to your contractor websites, some of these tips are going to be important. In fact, they are also important if you are advertising on Microsoft Adcenter or any platform for that matter.

When a prospect types in a keyword (or phrase) into the search bar, they are looking for something that is relevant to that keyword, that sounds obvious I know, but I can’t tell you how many campaigns I have seen where the keywords used had nothing to do with the keyword the service targeted.

That’s why it is very important that you are ad is relevant as possible. You see, Google will favor your ad if it is relevant to that keyword by showing your ad higher than your competition and charging you less at the same time.

Ad development:

It is very important for the keyword to appear in the headline of the ad.
The keyword also needs to appear in the description of the ad.
If possible have the keyword as part of the URL.
Then of course your keyword needs to appear on your landing page.

If your ad isn’t relevant as stated in the paragraph above, there is a good chance that Google will charge you much more for the privilege of using their ad network.

When creating ads it is best to present some sense of scarcity, something like “Limited Time Offer.” When you create a sense of scarcity then people are going to be more likely to click on your ad. But you are going to have to live with that scarcity too. If you run a program that expires this week, don’t accept it next week. People are going to be more likely to act if they know that there is a limited time ACTUALLY available.

If you’re pay per click advertising campaign isn’t making money, and your website is not turning visitors into sales then it is very possible that you need to tweak your website. Also, there is no need to send your visitors directly to your homepage. You can create different landing pages, and in some cases, you can create different websites for the different keywords that you are targeting.


You can target individuals in the geographic area you are located in many different ways; radius, zip codes, city or “areas”. You can also change the times that you want your ad to be visible. For example, you might not want your ad to be visible at midnight when not many people are at online. The longer you run your Adwords campaign the better you will understand how your market works. From the data you get you will understand what the peak times for your ad are and what times that you are probably better off not running your ad.

Don’t get “broad” axed

You will need to be careful how you use the broad and exact match keywords for your campaign. It is best to start out using exact or phrase match keywords. Then once you get a better idea of what keywords are performing well you can begin to use broad match to get into new keywords.

There is no faster way to build a budding business

Pay per click advertising can be one of the fastest ways to get your business off the ground. Also, you don’t have to just rely on Google, there are many platforms for pay per click advertising. There’s Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter, there’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Depending on what you are promoting you can use pay per click advertising on multiple platforms.

For example if you want to use YouTube you can create or have an awesome video created about your business and then using pay per click advertising to get views for that video. The goal of the video will of course is to get people to click on your websites landing page or home page.

Advertising on Facebook is a little bit different. For example, you could create a Facebook fan page and then direct your paid per click advertising campaign to your fan page, but I would stick to sending all traffic to your own website.

If you decide to choose to advertise on LinkedIn it is best to create a campaign that involves giving away something for free. Use this to build a list and your reputation in the business community.

The main goal of using pay per click advertising is to generate leads. Businesses thrive on leads, not email lists or likes or tweets. If you are paying for placement, make it count!

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