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The Answer to Your Marketing Problems? Sub it Out!

Walk onto any job site across the nation and you will see the same types of people at almost every location.  There’s the guy that does just enough work to get by, there’s the team leader working his ass off to meet the deadline, and then there is the whiner.  The whiner thinks there is something wrong with the weather, the tools are too old, the material is too cheap and the boss doesn’t respect him.  Ask anyone who’s worked with the whiner and they’ll tell you “if he would just clam up and get to work, many of his problems would go away.”  This may be painful to hear for some guys, but the same can be said for most contractors when it comes to their marketing plans.

Contractors that have started their own businesses often feel that the caliber of their work should be enough to bring in new business.  Unfortunately, many budding contractors find out that this is not the case.   In just about every market there are enough dependable contractors, whatever their industry that competition comes into play.  The guys that spend time nurturing their referral sources and putting together a cohesive marketing plan are typically the contractors with steady business.

This leads to the next point.  Most contractors want to do the marketing themselves.  However, most of them are not expert marketers.  A master carpenter would likely sub out a tile job instead of trying to do it entirely on his own.  But many contractors should realize that there are people that can manage the marketing for them and allow them focus on their craft. For all those contractors that need to generate more business, the answer is staring them in the face, maybe it’s time to sub-contract out your marketing?

Picture Credit: Daquella Manera