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Contractor Marketing Q & A


This past weekend, I sent a different kind of newsletter to my weekly newsletter group. This time, instead of me reviewing some facet of marketing or advertising or website design, I asked them this;

Am I answering the right questions?

From the newsletter: There is an endless supply of topics I think I could talk about, write about and shoot video about to help you in your journey to grow and marketing your construction business. But my goal moving forward is to make everything that comes from us a bit more interactive in that it starts with feedback from you.

I am always going to be asking you to send me questions and topics you’d like to know more about. That way, I can craft the message in a way that get’s you an answer to the things that come up on the fly, or that you’ve been thinking about for a while.

I could just install a survey on the site that pops up when you leave, or send a link from Survey Monkey to the newsletter list, but that’s just me intruding on you. Instead, you tell me what’s on your mind, and let’s go from there.

Deal? Good! Let’s start right now…

Think about a topic you’d like to know more about. Think about a question you have that you’d like an answer to and I will do my best at getting you an answer. I may not know it all, but I do get to see what’s working across the country and across certain parts of the world for other contractors just like you.

So hit me up by email at info at darrenslaughter.com, or on social media using hashtag #TradesHelp. I will get your question answered by video, blogpost or some way that will benefit not only you, but everyone reading! Have a great day.