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Contractor Marketing Tip: Don’t Take That Job!

Here at Darren’s me and my team make a habit of getting your found online with a site that looks great, has great content and sells. But there are a lot of things we are not and today I had to turn away business because that is the best thing to do when it isn’t in your core competency. Trust me when I tell you you are saving yourself many more headaches than just taking the work because it is there!

6 responses to “Contractor Marketing Tip: Don’t Take That Job!”

  1. Alan Avatar

    Probably some of the best advice I can think of.
    Some of the most profitable work has been letting the low bidder who said he can do it all have the job.
    Meanwhile I was working on other jobs at a higher profit always wondering “Why” this person would even think about doing the job for what was quoted.
    Not allot of profit is seems when doing a job for the cost of materials and what eventually works out too be around $10.00 per hour.

  2. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Always take the high road !!

  3. Justin Jones Avatar
    Justin Jones

    Interesteing topic this week D, this one hit close to home this past week. I am working on a friend of a friends home who originally got multiple bids on each trade. As always I was the highest….I cringed when I decided to take on all the work. Of course there is extras that I can make an additional dollar or two on, but now 1 week in I cant wait to be done. I will finish at break even and the customer(friend of friend) wants this and that all added in. How quickly your video reminded me of DONT DO IT..Great kick in the behind to remind me..Justin

    1. Darren Avatar

      Good luck getting out from under this one and remember…If it doesn’t feel right from the beginning…it’s only gonna get worse!

  4. Tess Wittler Avatar
    Tess Wittler

    Great reminder, Darren, especially in this ever-increasingly tight economy (that we all hope lets up after the “holiday” excuses are behind us. I echo all the comments.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Tess! Sticking to my knitting has been what has kept us going here during this entire crappy couple of years! And partnerships with people like you!