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Contractor Marketing Tip: New Movers Spend More in First 5 Months Than in Next 5 Years!

Yeah, that is a verifiable fact, more money is spent on home improvement inside the first 5 months of home ownership than the next 5 YEARS!

And here’s the kicker…

I don’t care how awesome your reputation is…these people have no idea who you are and they are not tied into a local referral network of friends, family or neighbors.

The best way to get at them is with direct mail because the right offer (read, don’t put your company name in the headline) can move them to action.

You might also want to think about extending the life span of your direct mail by making it a calendar magnet or local/national sports team schedule. That way, instead of looking at it for 12 seconds (maybe), they will put it on the fridge next to little Jimmy’s CYO football picture for the next 12 months.

Now, every time Mrs. Jones goes into the fridge, she is going to see your magnet, which means an impression, which means building an overall image of your business.

So, go get a list of new movers. The company I used when we were hitting direct mail hard was InfoUSA. I think they are still around but they may have changed their name.

I used these guys because this is where everyone else goes to get their lists, and I have seen first hand their process for verifying information at the headquarters in Omaha, and they are serious.

Let me know if you get into the new mover game down below in the comments. There is a lot of money to be made!

2 responses to “Contractor Marketing Tip: New Movers Spend More in First 5 Months Than in Next 5 Years!”

  1. Benhardt_Constr Avatar

    Why did specifically say to leave the company name out of the headline? Or did I misinterpret your intention of that?

    1. Darren Avatar

      Because unless your brand is well known, use the headline to sell the features and benefits of the offer.