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Getting Started With YouTube in Your Contracting Business

Of all the technological advances to come along in the last  couple of years, YouTube ranks as one of the most important. In fact, YouTube has become the number 2 search engine behind their parent search engine Google. Think about it, the ability for anyone to upload a video has taken the world by storm.  Instead of putting up one more video of a cat playing the piano, let’s talk about a way YouTube can be used in your contractor marketing plan.

Contractors field questions all the time about the best way to fix or repair something. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, carpentry or any other field, most people think they can do as good a job as the expert with just a few “insider” tips.  But a lot of the time people will step away from the project and call a professional if they could actually see what’s involved BEFORE they get started. This is where YouTube can be helpful.

Think about the different projects that people always talk about and pick one as your project video.  Make a short video that shows a portion of identifying the problem, getting the right parts or materials, preparing the job site, and actually completing the work.   The description can elaborate that although the video was condensed to 6 or 7 minutes all of the steps involved actually took 4 hours to complete, or whatever the time frame turns out to be.  This could be an excellent way to show expertise in an area and drive sales to your doorstep. So get on YouTube and see what other contractors are doing and see how you too can drum up new business by showing people how hard your job really is!

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2 responses to “Getting Started With YouTube in Your Contracting Business”

  1. Tim P Avatar
    Tim P

    I’m in the UK and since finding your site I wanted to keep your info and tips a secret. But alas I find myself sharing them with members of the forum.
    You are a boon to the industry, Mr Slaughter!!!

    1. Darren Avatar

      Hi Tim!

      Very kind words sir! I apprecaite you stopping by and commenting! I am happy you are getting some use out of the site…and sharing!