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Contractor Tips for Successful Newspaper Advertising, part 3

Headline Development

when creating your ad you should spend as much time thinking of the headline as you do the rest of the ad. As I mentioned in my previous post, the headline sells the reader on reading the rest of the ad. Follow these tips when creating your headlines and watch your conversion rates shoot through the roof… no pun intended to my roofing contractor readers!

  • Start your headline by telling the story. Stories are a great way to pull your reader into the ad
  • By using something like “Act Now” usually conveys a sense of urgency to the reader
  • Use your headline to tell the reader what to do
  • The headline is a great place to announce a free offer
  • Write your headline as if you were speaking to one person, in other words, make it personal
  • Your headline has to either relay a benefit or intrigue the reader into wanting more

Again, people will make a decision to read or ignore your ad-based off of your headline. If the rest of the ad is fantastic but your headline sucks, than shame on you for not taking the time to create a compelling headline.