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Contractor Website Blog Tips


Contractor website design MUST include a blog in 2015. And while blog topics and objectives may vary, the same formula for creating high-quality content that your readers will appreciate is the same. Even with great information throughout your construction website, your blog will need to be written and formatted in a way that captures the elusive online reader.

Choose a title and stick to it

Many blog posts start on one train of thought and end at a completely different station. When you are writing blog content, determine your topic and working title before you begin. Use it to keep you from straying down tangents in your writing. Editing content on your contractor website AND blog will help eliminate this problem as well. If possible, let an article sit overnight before reading it through again. Look for cohesiveness and readability with fresh eyes. Keep track of those related ideas and turn them into new blog posts that can link back to the original.

Grab them with your introduction

Studies have shown that a large percentage of online readers never get past the top, leftmost section of the screen. When writing blog content, your title and introduction need to be written in a way that captivates readers and discourages the temptation to quickly click away to something else. Establish your main theme and use important keywords to enhance the impact of your message.

Feature important information

Break your content into sections with clear headings that help your reader find the information that they are looking for. Long columns of solid text are incredibly discouraging to online readers. Break up paragraphs and use bold headings to bring the most key elements of your article to their attention. If you have too much information for one post, create a series that will give readers incentive to return.

Include a call to action

If your blog concludes with a question for your reader, an invitation to share a personal experience, or a request that they share the article, they will be much more likely to interact on your blog. Having your readers create links and attract new readers to your blog is one of the reasons that you created it, so make share buttons easy to find and use. Encourage comments on your blog and interact positively with those who do. Even customers who choose to use this forum as a place to complain can give you an opportunity to shine when you respond professionally and apologetically.

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