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Contractors, What Are Your Biggest Frustrations?

Tonight I want to turn the tables and hear from you. If you are reading my blog, then I am assuming you are a contractor who is looking to grow your business through marketing and advertising.

Not only that, but you are trying to accomplish certain goals and objectives that you set for yourself and your business at some point in the past. Perhaps it’s more phone calls, more customers, or more revenue.  Most likely it’s all of the above right?

And maybe you have been frustrated for some time trying to figure out how to grow your business. Let’s face it; there are certain things we all find frustrating about running our businesses. Certain areas where you constantly feel like a hamster on a wheel as you make little or no headway.

So my question is what are your biggest frustrations when it comes to running your contracting business? It doesn’t have to just be marketing or advertising, it could be things like sourcing better suppliers or hiring better helpers.
Whatever it is, post a comment below and let start a discussion!