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Why Contractors Should Be Like Apple? Because You Are All Artists Underneath The Tool Belt

So I am watching a promotional video for the 30th anniversary of the Apple Mac, and it is filled with all the usual suspects you expect to find in an Apple ad; the artsy crowd, the brainy people, and people who basically use their imaginations to get things done. I think contractors (and website designers 🙂 ) deserve some recognition too, because of all the fields out there, construction is the epitome of building something where there was nothing before…creating.

Whether any of you realize it or not, you are all artists, you are all designers, you are all part of the “artsy crowd.” Your canvas just happens to be my house!

But you have to feel that. You have to have that artistic approach deep down in you. And I tell straight away when talking to someone if they have that in their DNA, and I can usually tell by their website. Do they just create for the sake of slapping something up, or do they want to leave an indelible mark on the world? I want all of you to be artists, because that is what separates you from all the trunk slammers and rip-off artists out there that you compete with. By brining a vision to each project, you have the ability to mold minds, shape ideas and create things many people could only dream of.

There is a line in the video at the 1:00 mark, there is scene in a factory with a man’s voice, he says:

You Could Tell There Was a Vision Behind It

That line knocked me on my ass. It was brilliant, it was brilliant because that’s exactly what we all do. Me and my guys do it with 1’s and 0’s, and you guys do it with paint brushes and hammers. Maybe I am just being too romantic about it all, but I truly believe you are all artists…enjoy your day!