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Why Contractors Need to be Marketing Now-A Guest Post by Randy Patton


This is another fantastic guest post by my friend Randy Patton of Patton Services, a commercial roof coating contractor working with White Roofing Systems.
Randy does a great job marketing his business online, so listen to what he has to say and enjoy his post.


What are you doing to market for the spring season?

Now is the time to get it in order, so you can have work for the spring season!

I have been talking with a lot of contractors that are just starting to think about what to do. With all the bad weather this winter
all around the country there is going to be a lot of work. If you are not doing any marketing, who do you think your customers
will call, if you don’t let them know you are still in business? I bet your competition is!

Here is a marketing strategy…Use trade shows and social media together!

Trade Shows…

This is the time of year that most major cities have home shows, builder shows and home & garden shows, where contractors
can set up a booth and showcase their work. People come by the thousands to these shows to see what is new in the building
industry for their home. They come to look at all the new things for remodeling to get ideas. Maybe they already know what they
want, they just need to find someone that does what they are wanting? Are you there?

I used trade shows in my day and liked them because people came to me. All I did was set up a booth to display what I had to offer
and the leads walked in the door! Best ROI (return on investment)

Social media…

As I have said before, social media is a great marketing tool! By combining social media with doing a trade show it can and will be
a win,win effort. By posting on social media that you are going to be at the trade show your customers can easily come out to see
you at the show. Here’s a thought to get more people coming out to see what you have to offer, run a contest to get
your friends to share your post. If you have pictures from a past trade show share them. Do the trade show people have a flier
that they use for promoting the show, share it. Most of all ask your friends to come see you!