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Contractors-QR Codes Are The Devil’s Work!


QR Codes-Who Are You Kidding?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday who is in the business. He does print advertising for contractors and does really well with it. We were talking about a project he is looking to bring us in on and mentioned the client wanted to have a QR code in his ad.

I spent the next 15 minutes doing everything I could to talk my friend into talking his client out of using it.

Why? Because QR are codes are the Devil, here’s why.

Not one phone that I know of comes shipped with a QR reader baked into the software. So that means, if you go and use these useless marketing gimmicks, someone has to:

  1. Launch their respective store (Google Play or Apps for Apple)
  2. Download the software
  3. Configure it
  4. Figure out how it works
  5. Be in a place where they can point and click at your ad (I’ve seen them on buses)
  6. Get taken to the special link the QR code takes them to
  7. Read the content
  8. Perform whatever action the page asks; fill out a form, call, jump through a hoop, whatever.
  9. And if your prospect hasn’t killed themselves either voluntarily or involuntarily trying to read your dumb code, then MAYBE they act.


  1. You put a special landing page on your website
  2. Put that page address in your ad that tells people your or promotion
  3. They type that page into their browser
  4. They go to your page and perform your action with a lot less hassle and heartache

Point is…

You should always try and put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. So I ask you, whose shoes would you want to be in? And by the way, there is a message in that QR code above.  😉