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Do You Adopt New Technology Early?

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While I am a huge tech geek, I tend to let others beta test new products. And while new tech is cool, typically the learning curve is a pain to deal with. Finally, sometimes the new tech isn’t better, and you find yourself going back to what you know, as in the case of my trusty BlackBerry!

One response to “Do You Adopt New Technology Early?”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Had a BB, HTC, had a hard time with both, love my IPhone! But I am a Mac lover and was just waiting for the day that coverage came to my area. I love trying out new technology, not as much hardware (read spending $$$ on), but will check out new software and apps in a heartbeat, it does not take me too long to decide to keep it or not! I will say that I am getting a little burnt out on trying new Social Media, even having a hard time giving +1 a shot!