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Facebook Advertising For Contractors: I Wouldn’t Do It!

Update: This post was published in the early days of Facebook marketing and since then, the social media platform hits new highs in ad revenue each quarter. Going into 2018, I don’t think there is a better ad platform to market on. Facebook marketing for contractors is THE solution to developing leads for the foreseeable future.


As I put digital pen to paper, Facebook stock price trades at $31.92, just over $6 lower than its IPO. Now, there are a thousand reasons for that, and I am in no way a financial genius, but that price is partly tied to the street’s concern that Facebook can’t hit their numbers.

Now, I eat, sleep and breathe marketing and web design here at Darren’s…for contractors. Not dentists, not pizza shops and not financial wizards who think they know everything. And that’s why I don’t think Facebook advertising for contractors will work in the short-term…or long-term.

In fact, these so called financial wizards rarely take few things besides balance sheets and profit and loss statements into account when it comes to investing; strike that, propping up a company they are already heavily invested in like they did with Facebook’s stock price last week.

But I have a few words for them, and a word of warning for you…Don’t think for a second that Facebook is a legitimate paid marketing solution, and here’s why.

Remember this statement? “They trust me. Dumb fucks”

Those are the famous words of FB founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And without getting into too much detail, FB has had its fair share of policy and security issues. Which means people (you know, the very ones who buy your product or service) DO NOT BUY on Facebook. Sure they like and they may talk about a major product or even your company, but they have ALREADY CONSUMED it from some other form of marketing! Again, this is why you shouldn’t be spending any money buying ads on Facebook if you are a contractor.

What’s that mean to you?

If you are a contractor paying for “likes” on FB, you are an idiot. Sorry, it’s true! Sure you can promote your fan page, talk it up on other marketing materials to “Like Us Up”, but if you are spending your cold hard cash on like campaigns, please stop everything you are doing and call me, we need to talk.

If you need help promoting your business, look over there to the right, there is an entire list of stuff you NEED to start reading because the last time I checked, likes don’t make the truck payment, and they don’t help send the kids to college. So, to close, would I recommend you spend any dollars on advertising on Facebook? Not now, not until a certain level of trust is achieved not on Wall Street, on Main Street, where Mrs. Jones shops.

3 responses to “Facebook Advertising For Contractors: I Wouldn’t Do It!”

  1. John Buell Avatar
    John Buell

    Good call Darren! I gave FB a shot for a few months to check it out…advertising to zip codes within a 50-mile radius. I set the limit at about $30 per month. The fee hovered very close to the limit each month. What if I had set it at $2K? FB charges came out of my account a few dollars at a time, a few times a week. Who the HELL does that?? I received “likes” from Botswana, the UK and other countries I don’t ever plan on visiting, but nothing local and no business contacts. For me, FB advertising is a waste of time and money.

  2. Heidi Nyline Avatar
    Heidi Nyline

    I agree too. I did exactly what John and tried it out. Here is my problem with advertising on Facebook – you do not have a consumer ready to buy. You have a social consumer that is clicking on all the things that catch their eye and look interesting. Sure, they might “Like” you but that doesn’t mean they are going to buy from you.

    I think Facebook is a great place to stay engaged with your existing customer base and I use Facebook to build referrals within my Likes and their friends. But when it comes to spending advertising dollars, it goes to directly to where I am targeting ready to buy shoppers – i.e. Google Ads.

  3. Mike Choquet Avatar
    Mike Choquet

    Any advertising the last couple years has been a big waste of money. Google, newspapers and radio just sucks my bank account dry. And My Free Estimates.com actualy stole money by sending me bathroom remodels 2 hours away when I install windows and woudn’t refund the money. Home shows are the only way to get to customers for me.