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Why Your Focus Should Be On Your Website & Not Houzz or Pinterest

DSC06578Sure social media get’s your message out to the masses. Sure you want to be where the eyes are, and while there is certainly nothing wrong with having accounts on sites like Houzz and Pinterest, you should still maintain a focus on your actual website.

Your Website vs. Houzz And Pinterest

Pinterest and Houzz have allowed people from all walks of life to share photos of just about every home improvement project available. Companies of all shapes and sizes have adopted Houzz and Pinterest as a method for reaching out to potential customers. Both sites allow a contractor or company to show examples of their best work and share other items that might be of interest to their potential customer base. Both of these options are worth exploring to a certain degree.

However, it’s because both Houzz and Pinterest have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years that in the end, your focus should remain on your personal website.

There are a few reasons for this. While Pinterest and Houzz have made it possible for businesses and individuals to enjoy social media connections and marketing through the sharing of pictures and more, they have become extremely crowded fields. Houzz users complain regularly about not being able to find specific images, regardless of how specific their search is. There are now tens of thousands of images on Houzz and standing out from the crowd can be difficult.

The same can be said of Pinterest, but in a much broader sense. Pinterest is popular with a number of different subjects, including fashion, jewelry, decoration, and more. A contractor can certainly have a Pinterest page that shows off their handiwork, but they’re going to have to compete with other contractors. And everyone is going to have to compete with the other aspects of Pinterest that have made it so popular with people.

With your website, the focus is on you, you, and you. Social media marketing remains crucial for any contractor business. You want to take advantage of every opportunity that’s available to you and a website allows you to create the kind of content you want while Houzz and Pinterest are always craving more content from everywhere they can get it. Your website needs to be a central hub that showcases everything about your business that can be attractive to potential customers while NOT COMPETING with other contractors running ads against your images.

In the end, you are going to juggle a variety of things. You can have a Pinterest and/or Houzz account. You can use Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. But everything should come back to your website. This is where you want people to go. Your social media marketing should always emphasize that you have a website and that’s where you want people to get to, not go away from.