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Getting Found on Google Search by Randy Patton


Do you have a website? How about a blog?

Are you getting found on Google searches when YOU search for your keywords for your website? If you are not finding your own website or blog, then you need to be doing a better job of marketing your sites! If you can’t find it, how do you expect your customers to find you?

My first suggestion if you are not on Goolge+…… get on it! Next start posting info with links to your website and/or blog!

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, post using keywords to what you do. If you are a roofer, painter, plumber or carpenter, post your using keywords that describe what you do.

For example: “residential roofing contractor” “house painter” “fix plumbing leaks” “window replacement” or any other group of words that describes what you do, so that when your customers search for such things they can find you.

Here is an inside secret

Use what the marketing world calls a “hashtag” which is the # sign. Like when you post something, do this #roofingcontractor as one word. In my next blog I will dive more into the how and why of using “hashtags” so stay tuned!

I have been doing some research on this and when I look for my keywords I am finding several links to my posts on Google+ more so now than before. In the past, when I did a search, I would find my website or blog, now I find them more linked from Google+.

You can increase your odds of getting found by making a few posts a day with keywords and a link to your website and/or blog site. Recently I have had several customers tell me they found me on the internet. This is what prompted me to write this post!

One in particular said…..

“He found a lot of my posts when he was doing his research, then he knew he was ready to work with me!”