Goodbye Facebook…Hello Google+

facebook for contractorsSo, its official…Just look right over there to the right, there is no “like” box or friend me up or anything at all to do with Facebook. What is there are the two places I plan to continue to spend a lot of time…

Google+ and Twitter

Twitter because its, well, Twitter and I use it all the time. And Google+ because that is going to be WHERE real connections get made in the future.

LinkedIn…that’s where relationships go to die. Facebook, I can’t cash a “like”. And most of all, the biggest reason I am migrating over to Google+…

As discussed in this article by Danny Sullivan:

“Google+ As Google’s New Ballot Box

This leads to the importance of Google+. If people are voting in a new social way, but Google can’t see those votes, then Google needs a way for people to vote socially that it can count.

That voting system is Google+. People vote via Google+ either by sharing links through the network or by using Google +1 buttons within Google’s search results and on publisher web sites. In fact, when the Google +1 button was launched ahead of the Google+ social network, Google explicitly stressed this was a new way of helping it improve its search results.”

And that is why I am leaving Facebook for good and throwing in with Google+

What’s that ? No one is using Google+?

Well, in this article on Wordtracker:

“Google has such a vast web of properties that for most people, it probably already knows a hell of a lot. People may not be on Google+ but a lot of people have Google accounts, so the company can monitor what they’re searching for, which sites they like and how they behave on line.”


“59% of the world’s cell phones run on Android. As anyone at Nokia will tell you, being dominant in the mobile space won’t last forever, but Android is open source. It is by definition more versatile than Nokia ever could be. For the medium term at any rate, the smart money goes on Android dominating mobile.

So Google is dominant in the mobile space. And global mobile traffic is doubling year on year. Chrome is the most popular browser. We’re spending more of our time on Google’s properties. And Google, let’s remember, doesn’t play nice. And I’ll say this again, they want you on Plus.”

Finally, as Facebook continues to try and figure out ways to sell me advertising, Google+ is going to help me spread the word of the contractor website gospel for free…all I have to do is hustle.

How about you?