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Guide to Facebook Retargeting Ads

lead generation for contractor marketing The goal of retargeting (also called remarketing) ads are to keep your brand in people’s minds AFTER they’ve visited your website or landing page.

The first time someone visits your site, they don’t necessarily buy anything, they take their time, compare services with competitors, and visit your website a few more times before making a decision.

Here’s an example you will probably recognize

In simplistic terms, think about a product you’ve checked out on Amazon and later seen ads for it on Facebook, that’s retargeting.

With the use of cookies, which is a small amount of code inserted into your browser, Facebook knew you clicked to view a specific product on Amazon.

This whole process allowed Amazon to automatically re-show you an ad on Facebook based on the URL you visited on their website. Smart marketers are aware of the fact that audiences don’t just buy something they see for the first time, rather they do their research and a lot of thinking before buying a product.

The value proposition of retargeting

By retargeting ads on Facebook, you get the chance to keep your offer in front of the shopper while they make their choice. So in short, Facebook ads are not only extremely beneficial when it comes to building your brand with impressions, but also increase the attention for a specific service you offer.

Before starting a retargeting campaign, you should first jot down what your objective is. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to optimize your ad to capture leads within Facebook’s native platforms, also known as lead generation.

The four custom audiences you can use

There are 4 custom audiences which you can utilize to retarget your users with construction related content and services you’ll be posting about.

Website visitors: The basic method of retargeting includes targeting that audience who have already visited your website at least once. In order to do that, you must have a Facebook website custom audience in order. The process isn’t really complex, what happens is that when someone visits a page with a specific audience code, they automatically get added to your custom audience list in your Facebook Ads manager. Those visitors can then be included as your target audience in your Facebook ad retargeting campaign.

Facebook fans: This chunk can be the most beneficial for you in making your retargeting campaign successful and it will definitely ensure a lot of audience reach.

If you have a construction business, then retargeting ads on Facebook would be extremely beneficial for you because many people want to see pictures of actual work done by a construction company before choosing one for themselves and Facebook is the ultimate medium used by people to do so.

All you have to do is set up your Facebook ad, choose the option of targeting audiences who are already fans of your page. Retargeting your Facebook fans is important because there is a high possibility that they don’t see all of your Facebook updates, so by retargeting your most important content or a product/service, there are more chances of the audience taking notice of it.

Email Subscribers: Another way to setup a campaign is by sending Facebook ads to your exiting email subscribers. All you need to is create an excel spreadsheet which has email addresses of all your subscribers, after that go to the audiences tab in your Facebook Ads Manager, click on create audience and choose the option of Custom Audience. Then click on data File Custom Audience and pay close attention to the instructions that come up for setting up. Don’t forget to point out that you’re going to upload an Excel sheet.

Similar audiences: Most of your users, including website visitors, Facebook fans and Email subscribers, can have similar interests and choices, and it would be great if you could find more people like them.

What you can do is create a custom audience targeting those who have similar choices in comparison with your existing customers since they will be more likely to have an interest in your products and services. “Lookalike audiences” is the name given to those custom audiences which you create to retarget by similarity so that your reach is expanded by targeting a relevant audience.

For creating a lookalike audience, what you need to do is go to the audience section of your Ads manager, click on create audience and then go for the custom audience installed on your website.

Click on create a lookalike audience written on the bottom of the page then choose the respective audience reach. In order to create a custom audience based similarities in relation to your current Facebook fans choices and interests, hop on to the audience section of your Ad manager and tick on the lookalike audience from the drop down menu.

In the next window that appears, click on source and add in your page name. Once you’re done doing that, opt for the country you want to go for and how similar the targeted audience should be in comparison to your existing audience.

The final step is to click on “Create Audience” and you’re good to go. When it comes to creating a custom audience in comparison to your existing email subscribers, what you have to do is go on the Audience menu, click on the name of the email address excel sheet that you uploaded before, and then click on the Create Lookalike audience written at the bottom of the page. Once you’re done with creating your custom lookalike audiences, you can choose any one of them, whenever needed, depending on the targeted goal of your Facebook ad.

Maybe you need help?

If this all sounds great and you’d like to give it a shot, but it may be a bit daunting for you, or you just don’t have the time, then maybe taking a look at our lead generation campaigns is just what the doctor ordered. We can care for the entire campaign while you build the world!