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Home Improvement Facebook Ads

Blogging, blogging is still the best long-term construction marketing strategy you can deploy over the long term, but Facebook for contractors really is the go-to lead gen resource today.

You can stop running Adwords ads, they cost a fortune and only get at prospects who are far along the buying process.

Facebook advertising for contractors gives you the ability to talk to people who are just thinking or dreaming about fixing up their homes, and that is the sweet spot.

The power of Facebook marketing is how we can use the data Facebook has on it’s users to your advantage. For example, did you know you can target new parents in a given zip code?

That may sound like a real estate agent’s prospect, but people who decide to move also consider remodeling or adding on, and if you promoted remodeling over moving, you could present them with the huge cost savings adding on has versus moving, a huge plus for you!

Maybe you are in the AIP space, my favorite. You could create an ad campaign that promoted your Aging in Place remodeling package, including raised counters, lower cabinets and wider doors, ramp not included.

My point is, contractor Facebook ads are the best use of allocated marketing budget you can use to build your business going into 2018. It’s where our focus is going to be, and it is where you need to look out for other construction companies on Facebook talking to your best prospects. I know I will be.

If you are tired of just taking out your credit card and giving Facebook and Google your money for ad campaigns, let me help. All I do is manage Facebook advertising for contractors, but I don’t do it for a lot, so let’s do this now, read more and contact me by clicking here.

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