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How Did I Get Here? A Guest Post From One of Your Own

Chris Spoerl has been a client and a friend. He runs a successful pool cleaning company in one of the toughest marketing in the country, Orlando Florida. Chris has some great insights into how you can help your business grow with this great guest post. I appreciate Chris dropping some wisdom here for your guys to check out. If you like it, do him a favor and drop a comment below and share.

“You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife.”  – Talking Heads

We have worked with Darren Slaughter in the past, so I know a thing a two about Social Media and Marketing.  When it comes to marketing a small business, it is no easy task.  Sometimes when marketing doesn’t work out the way you had planned you might ask yourself

“Well, How Did I Get Here?”

The good news is that I know exactly how you feel and want to help.  Although I own two moderately successfully companies, I ended up missing a beat.  The unfortunate truth is I did not have an outlined marketing plan.

So let’s do a quick exercise together, and work on some key components of a “marketing plan.”
1.    Who are you marketing to and what results are you looking for?
2.    What tools are available to make this possible?
3.    How much time and money am I willing to provide?
4.    When can I see a return on my investment?
5.    How can I measure the results and know what’s working?

By creating a plan, you can begin to know exactly what works and figure out how much of your resources (time and money) to allocate to marketing your business. So don’t get discouraged if you posted photos to your Facebook page and it did not generate any calls.

There is no “Magic Wand” when it comes to marketing.  As with music, practice makes perfect.   Expect to miss a few beats along the way, but keep trying until you find your rhythm.  There is nothing sweeter than doing something today to make your tomorrow better.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.” –  Albert Einstein.

Christian Spoerl is a new guest blogger and is President of Magic Pool Services in Orlando FL.

And I just couldn’t get through this post without watching the “Once in a Lifetime” video, so I am throwing you a link here to watch it too!


2 responses to “How Did I Get Here? A Guest Post From One of Your Own”

  1. Chris Haught Avatar
    Chris Haught

    Another great post! Christian has been very proactive in marketing, I have used his Facebook page as an example using FB right many times! Keep up the great work!

  2. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Thanks Darren for sharing. I am a big fan of the Talking Heads too !