How is Your Google Places Page Treating You?

So it has been about 6 months now since the Google Places splash. And while many of you have gotten out in front of the curve and been rewarded with some of that great free traffic Google Places brings, I want to ask how many of you have any user reviews yet…real user reviews?

Do you have one? Do you have five, ten or one hundred? Or do you still have none?

If you still have none, you better get to work. Google Places is there to help bring you free leads but you have to work to get them, and soliciting reviews from your clients or customers is part of that effort.

You have to understand that your Google Places page has to be a living, breathing resource. It is not meant to “set it and forget it.” Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to monitor it every day, but left too long with no attention and Google will kick your page to the digital curb. So you want to make sure you get over there and update any new products or services you offer or add a few pictures or links to your videos on

In other words, do something!

This is going to be a short post because I want you to spend some time working on your Places page. Go upload a new picture of video. Or maybe update your location or your phone number. Or God forbid you reach out to a few of your clients or customers and get yourself a review!