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How to Create Compelling Ads With Google Adwords

There isn’t much difference between one hammer from another. They are both going to get the job done the same way. And yet, there are many different prices for hammers. Have you ever considered why? Sure some may have a special hook here or thinga-ma-jiggy there, but for the most part it’s a friggin’ hammer.

Well, clients or customers say the same thing about YOU!

When considering who to hire, most people will look at price as a primary deciding factor. Others may go off of a recommendation from a friend or family member. But what if this potential client is looking online to find you?

Make your ads stand out!

If you are using any of the online ad networks such as Google Adwords to market your contracting company, you need to be BETTER than you competition, not the same.

Here’s how:

Geography – Define your market area. Be sure to select the most local markets for every area you want to target

Category & Keywords – Target your ideal customer. Make sure your categories and keywords describe your business accurately and completely.

Promotional Text – Explain why consumers should choose you. Describe your business, share your location and provide a call to action

Bid & Budget – Keep your bids competitive. Determine your bid and budget amount by setting levels that are comparable to the value of the lead.

The nice part of online advertising is that there is no waste. If you target the right buyer with the right ad, and send them to the right page, you should have a solid conversion ratio. And since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, it is one of the best forms of advertising today.

Photo Credit: Another Sergio