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How to Write Blog Content

You can write blog content by sitting down and going wherever your mind takes you, but don’t expect to attract many readers with it. Some bloggers make the mistake of treating their blog something like a personal diary for entries that randomly go from point to point. While they may have some loyal readers, they will never achieve maximum success possible without professionally structured blog content.

Use a simple structure

Each of your blog articles should have a standard layout that readers will recognize as yours without seeing the top of the page. This eases readability and increases the comfort level of repeat users. It also simplifies things for you, because you will eventually have writing for your chosen structure down to a science. For example, you may decide that each entry will have a catchy title, four subheadings, one header image, and a “tweetable” call-out somewhere in the middle.

Write for SEO without keyword stuffing

SEO is the hot term in website content right now, for good reason. Search engine optimization determines your ranking in search engine results and decides how many people will be presented with your blog as an option to click on. You will need keywords in your posts without making them awkward to read. External links directing back to your site are highly valuable for SEO, which is a key reason to be involved on social media. Keyword stuffing can backfire on you when people dismiss your content as uninformative.

Develop your own style

Your readers want to hear you, and your passion for your topic will shine through if you allow your personal voice into your writing. While you will want to keep your target audience in mind, blogs that are written in a mechanical style that lacks personality are less likely to attract and keep readers. Develop a style in your blog writing that is one of the reasons people come back.

Encourage interaction and sharing

Include a conclusion to each blog post that requests reader feedback or action in some way. Respond to each comment that is posted, so that people will be willing to join the conversation. Make sure your buttons for social media sharing or “tweetable” links are obvious and offered in more than one location in each post. For your blog to be great, it will take people other than you sharing it.

Blogging is still the best way to develop leads over the long-term. If you don’t have a blogging campaign in place today, you are missing out on business next month, next year and the year after. Don’t want to write, no problem, we’ve got you covered! Click here for details.

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