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I Don’t Like What I See & Why That Matters to You

I look around the world of marketing, construction marketing specifically, and I see so much that’s wrong. So many things in my vertical that are screwing up and screwing over contractors large and small, and I feel like I have to do something about it.

I’ve complained about things here and there over the last year or two, and I’ve tweeted out things I’ve come across during my travels across the web, but I Think it is time to do more.

I’ve spent a lot of years working with contractors. I’ve helped them put together Yellow Page ads back in the 90’s and digital classifieds in the early 2000’s, then I started the agency in 20005 right on up to the consulting work I do today. All of it meant to do 3 things; help contractors sell more, advertise better and market to buyers.

That’s been my motto, my tagline, and I’ve used it for years because it’s how I feel

It is to let you know what we do, but it also reminds me to focus on what my value proposition is to you, my client, reader, subscriber, friend.

In that vein, it is time to change the focus of the agency a bit

The agency is still here, it isn’t going anywhere. The retail services we offer are changing. So, if you’ve been thinking about signing up for a blogging program or was interested in our Apprentice plan, you better reach out to me right now…I mean like, right now because I will be hitting the pause button on those services for the time being.


Simple…most of you are doing enough on social media. You have a website, or you don’t, but the website design programs out there today are good enough to get you to good enough. The only thing I was hesitant on pausing is blogging, because some people just can’t/don’t want to write. So, we will see about that one.

What you need more than anything is what I have locked up inside my head which is worth more to the right construction companies than $99 or $199 a month we charge for our services now.

You see, my head isn’t just a place to hold a great head of hair (kidding), inside of it is about 25 years of knowledge in construction marketing and management, and that’s where the good stuff is. Not us doing your social or designing your site, but getting you to the next level.

In focusing on consulting, it gives me the ability to better help you. How? Because I can work as candidly as I need to help you grow. For example, if the current agency you are working with is screwing you over, I’ll know, and together we’ll be able to identify it and fix it.

Or maybe your Brother-in-Law’s son isn’t cutting it as your marketing manager or your social media “guru” doesn’t have the chops they said they did. We can work together to improve your current situation or create an entirely different one altogether.

There will still be website design and social media and advertising and blogging and growth hacks and everything you need to build your business, you will just have exclusive access to me helping just YOU through one of two levels of consulting I created for companies who are ready to take the leap to the next level.

Make sense? Good. Because this is how it works. I give you the first 50 minutes with me for $5. That’s it. That’s the pitch. We will spend 50 minutes going over what makes you and your company tick, and I’ll offer strategies and suggestions to help. I’ve seen these calls result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in topline revenue, for less than a box of nails. Then we can figure out what’s next. So let’s do this. Now. Click here for more info.

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