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Infuse Your Personality Into Your Marketing Message

In today’s world of shifty Wall Street banks and nameless, faceless companies, people generally prefer to do business with other people. Many contractors I deal with already knew this and have thoroughly injected their personalities into their businesses with logos and slogans. Taking the concept of personalization a step further, I really do think most marketing can be enhanced by moving the message through a single personality that your customer can identify with or relate to.

Here’s an example: nothing was more nameless and faceless to me than Las Vegas. Then Frank Sinatra told Steve Wynn to make sure he had enough towels and all of a sudden Las Vegas was hip again, but more importantly, when you thought about going to Las Vegas you thought about staying at one of Steve Wynn’s properties.

Now, I don’t know if it was a direct result of Steve Wynn’s commercials, but Las Vegas went on a fantastic 20 year run of double-digit growth in visitors and new residents before the real estate bubble burst a few years ago. I guess having a very active convention business didn’t hurt either, but you get my point.

Another great pitchman is Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has schlockd family fun for 50 years, and your business can also benefit from having a spokesperson in the form of a created character, celebrity spokesperson, or even the real owner of the company. If you think you have the chops to make this work then go for it, but remember everything you say or do is preserved for eternity online, and one wrong turn and instead of being the King of home-improvement your rubbing elbows with guys like Gary Hart, Howard Dean and that guy from the Crazy Eddies commercials!