Is There Any Value to LinkedIn For You?

LinkedIn for Home Improvement CompaniesThis was the update my newsletter subscribers got from me this morning, but I thought I would take the question out to all of you, so don’t be shy, give me the info in the comments below.

If you have hung out on Darren’s for any length of time you will know that I have no love for Angie’s list. You will also know that of all the social media platforms in the marketplace today, I rarely use LinkedIn as a resource. In fact, when I say rarely, I mean I literally haven’t been on the site in six months.

Here’s why-LinkedIn generates more leads for companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogs but here’s the point, it’s all business-to-business.

In other words, for guys like me, I should be all over it. For guys and girls like you, you need to continue to ignore it. Now I am not saying it’s all bad, I am just saying there are better tools out there to use to get your social media message across.

Some of them are not your typical Google plus, twitter or Facebook apps. Having strong local citation-based profiles means more. Having links back to your site from the local chamber of commerce or a more localized directory will have a higher impact on Google’s ability to distinguish between you as a local contractor, and the big players like Sears.

I guess what I am saying here is that LinkedIn is as useless as it always has been for me, but the facts show it is pretty useless for you as well. But maybe I couldn’t be more wrong, if you have actually generated business from LinkedIn please let me know.

I don’t mean a contact, or new vendor, or a supplier. I mean an real living, breathing, client or customer who wrote you a check to fix their house.

Enjoy the rest of your day!