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Why Are You Just Giving Away Your Images To Other Websites?


I think it’s time for me to write a post or shoot a video on this topic, but you realize you are all pulling your best images together to promote them on other sites like Houzz when you can/should be doing the same thing on your own sites, right?

You are opening yourselves up to competition when it isn’t necessary!

Why add your best photos to Houzz only to have them run ads against them? Traffic? Bullshit! You can buy the traffic with the money you make from the jobs you win bringing people to your own sites! 

Your website is supposed to be a palace. An online showroom. Not an afterthought. I don’t see the value to pimping someone else’s site for a commodity like traffic. Traffic can come from blogging, paid ads, organic search, social media and a couple dozen ways I’m not even going to worry about listing. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like Houzz, I know a few of their key people, but you are building THEIR brand, not yours. So tell me I’m wrong and why for a reason besides traffic because you can get that anywhere!