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Kiva for Contractors

This post isn’t so much about marketing, selling or even making money. It’s more about giving. Here’s the back story. My Mom has run a pretty successful (for her needs) residential cleaning company for the last 20 years. In fact, I think it was probably my Mom who I got my entrepreneurial spirit from in the first place. We always talk about ways for her to grow her business and do more things to get the word out. Some of my advice she takes, and some of it she couldn’t be bothered with.

As Mother’s Day approached, I started thinking about what to get her, and I wanted to make it something special, something that would let her know that I appreciated her hard work and dedication over the years. Besides, I couldn’t find a bottle of Jean Natte to save my life. Then I remembered reading a while back about a site called Kiva. Kiva is a micro-lending company that helps budding entrepreneurs all over the world get started in business with small “micro-loans.”

They do this by co-mingling investor’s (you and me)  loans (donations) together to reach a specific funding level requested by the business owner. Now, I am not doing the site or the program justice, so I thought I would do a short post about it today heading into the weekend just in case you have an interest, are feeling charitable and wanted to find out more.

I don’t get anything out of it; it’s just an idea I had that we could “pay it forward” for the people who helped us out when we got started in our own businesses.

And sure, there are plenty of charities to donate to here at home, but in the spirit of rising tides lifting all boats, extending a hand to help someone should be done without borders, so help out if you can!

6 responses to “Kiva for Contractors”

  1. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Epic, pay it forward. WINNING !
    Great article.

    1. Darren Avatar

      thanks man

  2. Dale Thomas Avatar
    Dale Thomas

    “but in the spirit of rising tides lifting all boats, extending a hand to help someone should be done without borders, so help out if you can!”

    Am all for helping others and giving back. Americans have showed time and again how generous we are. (Haiti, Tsunami relief) What I don’t like about the post is not stressing the need to help locally. Although most don’t give with any expectation of rewards (and you really shouldn’t), it is nice to view the results of your help and it is good for business. (after all this is a business/marketing blog)

    1. Darren Avatar

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. donating is a personal thing for sure, Kiva was the only one I could think of (and have used) that had a business focus that tied to construction. For example, I volunteer training a few guys who work at SCORE by teaching them social media marketing so they know what they are talking about when it comes up in their meetings. So that is a little local love. But since it is a “business/marketing blog” I used Kiva because it is about helping budding business owners.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Great post Darren, I am a firm believer in “you reap what you sow”!

    1. Darren Avatar

      Thanks Chris! I appreciate it!