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Did You Know? 13 Social Media Facts for Contractors

Being someone who builds things for a living, I imagine you have to be pretty precise when it comes to measurements. Off an inch here or there and in six months the drywall is cracking. You also have to be fairly exacting in terms of knowing your numbers when you estimate or bid jobs, one wrong calculation here or one missed decimal there and your project just went from profitable to pitiful. Point is…you gotta like numbers if you swing a hammer for a living, so I want to take this post and BORE EVERYONE WHO ISN’T INTO NUMBERS TO DEATH…because I think you math guys and girls deserve a post all to yourselves. The rest of you, don’t snooze, there are some powerful numbers I am about to drop on your here, and you need to be paying attention!

Ready, here we go…Did you know:

  1. That 20% of business owners have replaced e-mail with social media sites as the primary mode of communication.83% of companies who use social media use it to increase brand awareness.
  2. 69% of companies using social use it to gain web traffic.
  3. 63% of companies using social media saw an increase in marketing effectiveness.
  4. 45% of companies using social media saw a reduction in marketing costs.
  5. 26% of companies using social media saw a reduction in time spent marketing the company overall.
  6. 24% of companies using social saw an increase in revenue.
  7. 39% of businesses use social media to increase business exposure.
  8. 74% of companies using Twitter use it as a way to distribute new content.
  9. 85% of companies use Twitter to market their businesses.
  10. 44% of companies using Twitter saw an increase in customers.
  11. 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook.
  12. 45% of companies marketing on LinkedIn have gained a customer through the site.
  13. 62% of companies using LinkedIn say it is effective in generating leads.

If you got to this sentence, you haven’t fallen asleep, which is good, because the numbers represented above are a clear indication that this shit is working.