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Let Them Sell Themselves!

Close more sales by having a solid game plan in place before you ever sit down with your prospect. A series a well-thought out questions (and rebuttals) will go a long way in helping you close more deals. And by asking your prospects questions, you allow them to think they are in charge because they are doing all the talking. So let them talk, let them talk themselves right into doing business with you! If you need help doing this, I talk about it at length in my sales guide, check it out.

2 responses to “Let Them Sell Themselves!”

  1. Chris Spoerl Avatar
    Chris Spoerl

    Open ended questions are vital to the sales process.
    Shaun with Lake Nona Pools helped suggested that I make cue cards to help with objections.

    Great video !

    1. Darren Avatar

      Hey Chris,

      I think it is even easier than that. We all know the top 10 reasons or objections people give, just having a response ready to go that sounds natural will come off more authoritative, more knowledgeable and make you the expert in the conversation. But you have to do it by disarming the prospect. Don’t battle them, then they get their guard up and you have a battle on your hands.