Saturday 1st April 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

2 thoughts on “Living This…

  1. Thanks Darren, you made me laugh. Although the pace is slower on my days off, I am a self proclaimed work-o-maniac and I am building my business. I rather look forward to every day and measure its success on how much I get accomplished. Call me a goof ball, but I have been in a grove since I could work. I am a chip off the old block in many ways. My latest kick is to figure out ways to be a better leader and get results through others. It seems like there are lots of folks like me out there. When you are having fun working it shows and becomes contagious. Thanks for your input, insight and amazing hard work.

    1. Thank you Joe and remember this my friend…if you love what you do, it ain’t work!!! Have a great weekend. Or, working Saturday and Sunday!

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