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General Contractors Should Sub Out Marketing Too!

Use Marketing to Build Your Pipeline

I used to play goalie in both lacrosse and hockey, and I remember people saying goalies were crazy. A lot of contractors say the same thing about General contractors too.  GC’s willingly subject themselves to all kinds of abuse from clients and sub-contractors to complete a project and turn a profit.  Ask any general contractor that’s been in the business for 10 years or longer about his success and he will usually answer “My subs are what make me look so good.” No doubt, finding and keeping quality sub-contractors makes the general contractor’s job a lot easier.

Hiring a marketing person can lead to the same kind of success

It may seem that marketing is simply putting together some brochures to hand out to potential clients, mail out a few post cards or write out a few radio spots.  But nothing is as simple as it seems. A legitimate marketer knows how to find buyers, not tire kickers or price shoppers, buyers.  They know how to craft a message that will get the customer’s attention and persuade them to pick up the phone, ring the bell, or knock on the door.  They know how to communicate with customers through different channels while projecting a central message in each communication.  Best of all, they know how to do this repeatedly to drive in new leads and improve sales.

I know one capable person could build a house on their own.  But conventional wisdom also says that hiring sub-contractors who know their craft can help get the job done much faster and more efficiently. Hiring a marketer for your general contractor marketing can put more leads in your pipeline and cut your stress all at one time!