Sell Like McDonald’s, Make a Fortune in 2011

You have just worked your ass off and you are hungry as hell. You know it’s not good for you, but you pull into the McDonald’s drive-thru to grab a quick bite. The voice from the big screen in front of you asks you what you want.

After you place your order, the voice asks if you would like to add two apple pies for another dollar. In the olden days (before the movie “Super Size Me“), you would have been asked if you wanted to Supersize your order. Congratulations, you were upsold and cross-promoted to, and you probably went for at least one of them back in the day didn’t you?

Make McDonald’s work for you too!

Most of you face stiff competition from all types of competitors in your local markets, and lose jobs every day to contracting companies that are able to give lower bids. So you lower your prices, and the next thing you know you are working for nothing…or not working at all.

But if you took the McDonald’s approach to selling and offered your clients or customers add-on’s and upgrades to get steeper and steeper discounts, you have a better chance of beating the low-ballers at their own game.

It may not work in all the home services categories, but if you work in one where an obvious upgrade or cross-sell could mean the difference between making ends meet or making it big.

Try it on for size

There isn’t a kitchen remodeler out there that doesn’t throw in the kitchen sink (or backsplash) to close a deal, or a carpet guy who doesn’t upgrade the padding if the home owner bumps up their carpet. My point is, there has to be something you can do to make your contracting company different in a down economy, you just need to figure out what your apple pie is and sell the hell out of it!

Photo Credit: Singamelodie