Tuesday 28th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

If you haven’t seen the Miracle Whip commercial where they literally tell you “We are not for everyone” in the ad, than you have missed a real treat. If this ad ran during the Super Bowl I would bet it would have beat the Darth Vader Passat hands down.

Poking fun at yourself is OK…

Making a joke at your own expense is alright if everyone already knows who you are. But the fact that the Miracle Whip commercial hits home on a psychological level really is great marketing.

What do I mean?

If your house is divided over the Miracle Whip – Mayonnaise debate like mine, than this commercial quite literally hits home. In my house, my wife is a Miracle Whip freak, while my daughter and I prefer mayo…but not just any mayo as any mayo fan knows – it’s got to be Hellmanns!

Tell me…

Leave a comment below first claiming your favorite, then which scene in the ad you liked the most. I have two – the guy who says Miracle Whip tastes like lotion, and the guy who says Miracle Whip is spreadable disappointment.


Photo Credit: Roadside Pictures


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