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News on My New Contractor’s Guide…It’s Free!

contractor marketing and website designIf you have hung around here at Darren’s lately, you may have heard me mention that I am putting together an updated contractor’s guide to help you sell more, advertise better and market to buyers. The guide is going to help you in all facets of your business from a marketing, advertising and website design and content creation perspective.

In fact, I have solicited your advice and opinions here on the site recently asking what I should include in the guide while mentioning it would be on sale soon.

Well, things have changed

I am still doing the guide, but instead of charging for it, I am going to give it away for free by making it part of my weekly (mostly) tips email newsletter group. So if you are reading this and you are not on my weekly tips list, first, shame on you…just kidding, but seriously shame on you because that is where you really get some great info on how to improve your business.

The book is about 90 or so pages, and there is plenty of information for you to use to help improve your business. In the guide I talk about:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing both online and off
  • Website design
  • Content creation
  • Social Media
  • Sales and Selling
  • How to handle rejection
  • Motivation
  • And a lot of other material that will help you sell more to buyers

So, if you need help in any of those areas I suggest you click the link below…

Click here to get on the list

But don’t stop there!

I want to ask you a question. Do you have a buddy in the trades who is always bitching that he or she can’t find any new business? All the time with the complaining right? Well send them this post and tell them to get on the list too. That way, your next conversation with them might be a little more pleasant and they might just buy you a cup of coffee for the solid you did for them.

Deal? Good…

Just tell them to click the link below, get on the newsletter list, and let’s get better together!

Join the newsletter…sell more jobs…retire rich.

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