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Ways to Use Online Advertising for Your Contracting Company

Online Advertising Trends

According to a recent survey, 47% of all small businesses know they are not effectively presenting their companies online, and 58% of those businesses generated no sales from their online campaigns last year. How did you do? Do you even know? Scary right?

Why advertising online works

While print advertising still works for many contractors, and there is a place for radio and television, online marketing is a measurable, cost-effective advertising strategy that creates real value with quick results.


By targeting your core audience! The people who are online actively seeking to buy your product or service RIGHT NOW! You can also cut your overall advertising costs.

Online advertising can cut your marketing costs by:

  • Focusing on prospects that are more likely to buy
  • Avoiding the “shotgun” approach to marketing that costs so much and yields so little
  • Closing just one prospect from advertising your contracting business online could pay for your overall campaign many times over!

But first, figure out why you want to promote your contracting business online

1.    To promote high margin products or services
2.    To roll out new products or services
3.    Referral development
4.    Email newsletter campaigns
5.    Ongoing sales
6.    New Channels
7.    B2B or B2C

Use online advertising to beta test print copy

I am going to do a more in-depth post on using online advertising to help develop your print ad copy but for now I am going to leave you with this…Headline development. Google Adwords is all about the headline; capturing your reader’s attention in 25 characters or less.  Well, it’s been the same way with print media for a hundred years or longer. The only difference now is that you can figure out if a headline is going to work or not in an afternoon, and the most it could cost you is $50, instead of running full-blown newspaper or YP ads and getting your ass handed to you because your copy sucked. But like I said, more on that later!