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Personalize vs. Customize

Everything, and I mean everything today can be customized. From ordering your car to fit your specific needs to the good ol’ “Have it Your Way” from Burger King. But there is one thing, or one word really, that I want you all to change as you talk to prospects about their home improvement projects.


Yeah, I can customize my colors, my appliances, my paint, my floors, my tile, my countertops, my blah blah blah…

But there is no warm and fuzzy there. The word customize seems so…sterile. Yeah, great, I can select between 15 different flavors of cabinets, but I can do that anywhere. Make me feel special, make me feel like what you are offering me is PERSONALIZED

And there it is…personal, the root word in personalization!

The closer you can get your product or service to feel personalized to your prospect, the closer they are to buying! So you have an assignment from me for the rest of the week.

Replace customize with personalize. Why?

Simple, because when you customize, it is about YOUR product or service, when you personalize your offering, it is about your PROSPECT! Give it a try and let us know how it works!