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Quick Tips for Contractors #3 – The Business Card Challenge

This one is super-easy. Throw out that last nasty, crusty, filthy business card you have in your wallet and go out and get a fresh batch made with your Twitter and Facebook addresses. Also get a proper email address on your new cards. No more AOL or Yahoo or even Gmail addresses. You run a big boy (or girl) company, act like it! Then give them out everywhere!

No one knows what you do until you tell them!

So leave the cards in the supermarket, at the library, at the restaurant you go to all the time. Give them to your Pastor, your Priest or your Rabi, your mailman, dentist or doctor. The point here is I want you to run out of 500 cards by May 1st. That’s the challenge. If you do, I will give you $100 in Google Adwords clicks as a reward…and I bet you get AT LEAST 2 jobs for your effort!