Here is a short one today to make up for yesterday’s long post…

Read – read the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post. Read as much as you can to stay on top of the news, and then read some more. Specifically, I want you to read your local yocal paper from front to back every time it is published. This will keep you up to speed on everything going on locally that you sometimes miss while running your business.

The benefits are:

1. You stay informed on a personal and professional level about what is going on in your backyard.
2. There are plenty of business opportunities in those pages, you just have to pay attention.
3. You may discover a marketing opportunity that others miss, therefore gaining 1st mover advantage.
4. It makes sense to know as much as possible in the market you do most of your business in.
5. You get to know who the local movers and shakers are in business, politics and civic activities associations.

So get reading today…