Quick Tips for Contractors #8 – Do a Strip Tease

Today I am doing a Quick Tip since yesterday’s post was a bit long, and tomorrow’s post is going to be a long one too. So let’s say a full kitchen remodel costs $25,000 in your market, but you haven’t closed a deal like that in a year. Why not offer a stripped-down, entry-level version?

I see companies all the time doing “New Kitchen $2999” or “Finished Basements Only $9999” and I love those promotions.

Do you know why?

Because while you might say Darren, I would never do a kitchen for $2999 or a basement for $9999, I would say to you that I bet those companies don’t wind up doing them for those prices either!

It is a foot in the door

You can’t come to the party if you aren’t invited. So offer to bring the chips and dip while someone else brings the steak. After you get there, then you can up sell. If you didn’t get the analogy, getting your foot in the door with a stripped down product offering might be just what you need to close bigger jobs. Now I am going to get some chips and dip, I’m hungry, have a good day!