Tuesday 28th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

One of the biggest complaints I hear from consumers about contractors is their tardiness. Whether it is for the estimate or when they are supposed to start working, contractors can’t seem to show up on time.

I hear other complaints when I spot survey contractor’s customers, and it got me thinking, the complaints are little things that should be obvious, but in our attempt to rush around and get things done we sometimes disappoint people. And the last thing you want to do is disappoint the person who is cutting you a check, so remember back to the advice your mother gave you

6 thoughts on “Remember What Your Mother Taught You…

  1. All valid points. My old boss Nick Mastrandrea taught me the basics. Answer your phone, return phone calls, show up on time. He owns one of the largest minature golf courses in NJ. – http://www.monsterminigolf.com/fran_nj_fairfield.html

    I even Tweeted about it the other day.
    @ColleenBurns – I always live by the 5 P Rule – ” Poor Planning Prevents Proper Performance ”

    Folks needs to realize that in business, regardless if you building widgets, or phase plasma rifles, only the strong survive.

    In this economy, it’s the strongest that will survive.

  2. “Remeber What Your Mother Taught You…”

    My mommie says, “Always proof read your work.”

    Good point though, I make sure to be at a meeting 5-10 min. before the appt. just to make sure I’m on time.

    1. Hey Jeff,

      I will raise you one “Remeber” for one “Proofread” instead of “Proof read” ! 🙂 But you guys certainly don’t come here for Funk & Wagnalls, that’s what you go to my girl Tess Wittler for! But you are right, there is so much business to be taken from your competition if you just do the simple things!

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