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Repurposed Blog Content Series: Creating Video and Audio Formats from Your Blog

30124383231_ca3c0cc7e4_oCreating audio podcasts or videos using your blog posts is a great way to improve on your construction marketing plan and can be done a number of ways. It basically boils down to how much work you’re willing or able to put into it. Now, you may be like a lot of other construction workers that I work with and not have a lot of experience manipulating video or audio. That’s fine, I’ll show you how you can do it anyway, so don’t rule out podcasts or video just because you don’t have the experience to do them on your own.

DIY Video and Audio

The best advice I can give is to just buy a good camera and do it. Create a few videos that you can start to manipulate using some DIY software. You can find several different types of software online or use the software that comes on most standard computers and laptops. Pay attention to quality though, you don’t want your first videos or podcasts to be low quality and have people automatically look elsewhere when they see you on YouTube.

Pay Your Teenager or Your Nephew or Neighbor

I’m not kidding. Teenagers love this shit and you may teach them a thing or two about construction and marketing along the way – win/win. All they have to do at first is be the face of your business and read your blog posts to the camera or microphone. It’s a great way to bond over your work, teach someone about your craft, and show them that YouTube is for more than funny fail videos and Let’s Play videos. (Remember when it was more fun to actually play a video game than it was to watch a video of someone else playing it? And when you didn’t know what a PewdiePie or a Markiplier was…)

Outsource Your Video or Podcast

A lot of people work from home these days and create their own job market using their particular skill set. You can generally find an agency like ours who provide video services as part of their overall construction marketing services.  Shoot me an email or call me at 215-740-2713 if you want more specifics about the equipment I use for my videos or personalized advice on the freelancers in my arsenal.

Better Over Time

It doesn’t matter to me how you do it, just that you take it into serious consideration as part of your construction marketing. What I can promise you is that you will get better over time if you choose to create your videos and podcasts on your own. I didn’t like creating my own videos when I first started several years ago. Now I whip out my phone while I’m on vacation or waiting in the pick-up line at school and shoot a quick video because I have something on my mind.

Why would I do that? Because my random thoughts tend to get several views on YouTube and on my website as well. Sometimes my randomness is the basis of a great blog post down the road because I’ll use those random videos to create blog posts in time. Before you know it, your podcasts and videos are just another cog in the construction marketing plan wheel and you wouldn’t skip it for the world.

Your random thoughts on building or design will also help attract visitors to your videos on YouTube. Those video watching, idea loving people will visit your website to learn more about you. They’ll check your social media profiles to see how much you interact with your viewers and readers, and then they will contact you.

Your Turn…

Call me at 215-740-2713 to talk about blogging, video marketing, and construction marketing. We’ll work together to create a construction marketing plan that will work for you 24/7.

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