Tuesday 28th March 2023
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

I wrote a post a few years ago talking about how contractors needed to build social media outposts to gain followers, fans and subscribers. Not because you want to be popular or famous, but because Mrs. Jones was going to use the number of people who followed, liked or fanned you up as a metric to decide to do business with you or not. Well, I hope you listened, cause that day just got here!

3 thoughts on “Review: Google+ Local for Contractors & Remodelers

  1. Darren,
    Thanks for the WAKE UP call for ‘old school’ guys like me who believed that doing great work was all that mattered. Remember the real estate rule of location, location, location? For contractors the new rule is local, local, local.

    1. It’s you old school guys who paved the way for the new generation…taught them all you know. Now learn something from them! Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sam…missed you!

  2. Darren –

    You’ll want to be careful about soliciting reviews. Google and other review sites frown on these types of practices. If you’re going to solicit reviews you should try and add them slowly. If you get 25 reviews in a week Google is going to know that something is up. I’ve heard of Google shutting down places pages over things like this. Try and get 2-3 per week when just getting started.

    Also – you shouldn’t be uploading the reviews yourself. You need to have the home owners do it themselves.

    Thanks for the info!

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