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What Are Your Sacred Cows?

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I spend a lot of time thinking about, managing and planning growth for my business here at Darren’s and for clients as well. It is obviously more people than just me these days. I have a great team I work with and I am very thankful for them and I probably don’t tell them that enough.

I spent time thinking this Father’s Day weekend about plans for marketing, advertising, promotions, new product rollouts, content…all of it.

And I thought about this too

Part of the thinking around change includes something that is just as important…what remains the same.

The things that no matter how big we get will never change because they are foundational, they are in our core. These are the things that makes us different from our competitors not just to be different, but because we see the holes in the marketplace and we try and plug them.

So, I will ask you: what sacred cows do you look after?

In other words, as your business grows, what are the things you want to make sure stay the same?

  • One of mine is this blog, no matter how big the company gets, I want to make sure I still provide you with updates, help, tips tricks and strategies that help you. In fact, I am going to be expanding it.
  • Another thing is the newsletter. It’s free for you, takes me about an hour or so a week to write it and it get’s delivered to you on Sunday mornings, just in time for coffee.

So tell us below, share what your core values are below in the comments. And don’t give me quality work or customer service…those things are the ante into the business world. I want to know what you are purposely tending to in order to make sure it stays sacred to you and your business. Leave a comment below and let us know!