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Searching for that 10 Percent: Let Your Construction Blog do the Heavy Lifting


If there is one thing that real estate agents and shop owners have in common it is that some people who stop by have no intention of spending any money. Window shoppers and lookers are not necessarily a waste of your time. Some of them can be converted into actual buyers. Unfortunately, you can’t spend too much of your time trying to woo these clients for your construction business.

According to some sources, out of all the people who stop by, roughly ten percent are actually interested in doing business. It is this magic number that you should be concerned with. You will not have to chase down leads and make endless calls to drum up business. If you have an online marketing strategy in place, your blog can do a lot of the work for you.

Think About What You Are Selling

In the construction business, you know that you are competing against people who may offer slightly lower rates, or who may have a bit more experience. This is part of what competition is all about. What you should focus on is your company’s strengths, and this is where blogs and social media websites are vital.

Some of the first visitors to you blog or website might just be doing basic research. Maybe they want to have an idea of how much a particular remodeling job would cost. In some of these cases, if you give them enough reasons, some of these people could end up being part of that coveted ten percent. On the other hand, you need to know when you are wasting time with tire kickers. Your blog will also be useful in this regard, as readers who get the information they want will be motivated to buy.

Let’s say your niche is kitchen and bathroom remodeling. You will not need to make cold calls, or try to go door to door handing out cards or flyers. People who are considering these types of remodeling will most likely start searching for service providers online. An informative blog can be a persuasive tool. Defining your niche early will help in structuring your blog content so that it is the kind of information that people want to see.

Getting the Blog on Track

There are simple benchmarks for determining whether your blogging techniques are sound. The first is of course ensuring that your content is up to snuff. Reliable quality content gains the right audience. The next step is to promote the blog using social media to link to the blog and get it noticed. Facebook is a great tool for this kind of promotion.

Non-traditional marketing methods are appealing because they eliminate much of the work of more traditional types of marketing efforts such as print. Once you take the time to get your blog running the way it should, it will take a lot of weight off your shoulders. It can help you quickly identify your leads so that you can use your time wisely.

If you don’t have time or don’t think you can squeeze that extra 10% out on your own and want some help blogging your way to new business, click here to check out our blogging campaigns for contractors.

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