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Should You Use a Construction Marketing Plan Template or Just Wing it?


Construction marketing and planning is obviously a great idea. But most contractors are experts in construction, not marketing, and using a construction marketing template gives them a tool to manage their marketing efforts and possibly even develop some sort of strategy simply by downloading a generic template. What could go wrong?

Using a generic marketing template won’t cause the immediate destruction of your business, but it also won’t optimize your marketing efforts. Templates are sort of like a jack-of-all-trades, if you get my meaning. They may be ok in some situations, but they are a master in none. In order to develop a marketing plan that best suits your business and emphasize your strengths, taking the time to develop your own customized marketing plan that fully embraces your objectives, opportunities, and target market.

Template Marketing Plan Advantages

Marketing plan templates are simplified plans that make it easy for a person without marketing expertise to create some form of plan. It won’t be the best plan or even necessarily a good one, but it will be a plan. For contractors with strapped budgets, this seems like an improvement.

Marketing templates can be found free. A quick internet search will prove that you have numerous options for free marketing templates. They will not be geared toward your company, but you may be able to find one that is at least created for your industry.

Using a template can get you started in considering what your marketing plan should entail. If you are developing a marketing plan for your business for the first time, a template marketing plan can help you arrange your ideas, set some goals, and consider various options.

Template Marketing Plan Disadvantages

A template will not take into account your company’s specific situation, concentrations, and opportunities. Using a template means that generalities will be made, meaning that some elements that are important to your business may not be considered, while others that are not relevant may be addressed. You will likely have to pick and choose and adjust items on the template plan in order to make it work for you.

One of the most significant benefits of creating a marketing plan is expert input. Working with a construction marketing professional will ensure that your marketing plan considers all available marketing tools and how they can optimize your company’s message. A template will not creatively think, understand your specific needs, or make innovative suggestions. Only a marketing professional can give you the valuable feedback that could help your business reach new heights of success.

Executing the Plan

As planners of large projects, construction contractors understand that there is a significant difference between making a plan and executing it. The best laid plans must be continuously revisited to meet the needs of those who are executing it. An evolving plan is often necessary for the success of a construction project.

Using a marketing plan template, the decisions to make changes as opportunities arise or changes occur will be solely up to you. You will have to determine when those decisions need to be made, as your template will simply wait for you to take action. Continuous contact with a marketing professional will ensure that proactive attention is paid to your marketing plan and adjustments that should be made. It is simply ineffective to replace expert knowledge with a basic template.

As you have questions or require assistance in executing your marketing plan, your professional advisor continues to guide and optimize your efforts in a way that is not possible with a template marketing plan. Choose to have the expertise and experience of a construction marketing professional helping you and your business reach new levels of success.

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