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Sometimes it Isn’t Nice to Share!

When you spend the time to create a video, edit it and get it ready for human consumption (you could always just point and shoot like I do) you want the resulting traffic back at your place, on your website. Having a solid construction website will tell a lot about you, your products and services and your company’s personality, so don’t let sites like YouTube cannibalize your traffic and steal your thunder. Make sure people have to come to your website to see your stuff. That way, they can learn more about who you are, what you do and God forbid, fill out a contact form or make a phone call.

2 responses to “Sometimes it Isn’t Nice to Share!”

  1. Andy Avatar

    Good point about keeping the best of your content on your site. Is there not a case though for selecting some of your content for distribution / guest posting, in order to build up some credibility? If I am on Youtube and see a video with 100,000 views, that makes me think this person probably has something to say and I am clicking on the link to their website.

    1. Darren Avatar

      Your best content needs to be on your site. As in pillar content. Look in the sidebar of my site. The most often viewed posts are there. You take those pages that you know get a lot of traffic and you try to monetize them in some way. Reason is, all of your site’s pages may be indexed, but not being shown by Google. You can re-purpose that content somewhere else now thanks to canonical attribution thanks to Google, but your best stuff HAS to be on your site.